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Founded in 1887, and the oldest motorsports brand in the United States, Iron Eagle emphasizes the contributions that motorcyclists have made, and still make, to America. Iron Eagle works primarily with state, national and military agencies in an effort to educate, focus resources and produce events that raise awareness, money, and lasting public interest for charitable causes. Iron Eagle helps by assisting with documentation, infrastructure and direct fund raising efforts.

In 2011, Iron Eagle participated  in  the  NHTSA  panel  evaluation  for  the  Nevada motorcycle safety program, followed by the 2012 Zero Fatalities Summit and 2012-2018 Governor’s Conferences on Small Business. Throughout these efforts, Iron Eagle promotes motorcycle rider safety programs on local and national levels.  Iron Eagle is a corporate member of the National Association of State Motorcycle Safety Administrators, and is chartered promoter for the AMA, having recently organized the first State Chapter of the AMA. Throughout these efforts, Iron Eagle promotes motorcycle rider safety programs on local and national levels.

Originally a proud member of the Better Business Bureau and many of the Chambers of Commerce in the Las Vegas area, before moving onward and upward into the national and international arenas, Iron Eagle was nominated for 2012-2019 awards for business enterprise of the year and non-profit activism. In 2014, Iron Eagle initiated a project to reduce fatalities in by working directly with key state legislators and the judicial system to increase understanding of safe motorcycling and what types of legislation and action may be most effective in promoting education and training.

This initiative also resulted in the founding of the first court sponsored corrective motorcycle traffic school training and education program in the country. Iron Eagle has received Congressional recognition for work promoting rider safety and reducing motorcycle fatalities; and in October 2014, received a Proclamation by the Governor of the State of Nevada for preserving Nevada motorcycling history and promoting safety throughout the State, declaring November 3, 2014, and each November 3rd thereafter, as Nevada Motorcycle History Day.  Since 2010, Iron Eagle has helped raise millions of  dollars for local and national charities.

In 2020, Iron Eagle continues its support of charitable causes, both local and on a national level, including Diabetes Research, the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation Ride for Kids, the Shriners Hospitals for Children and the Goodwill Industries Veterans programs.

2013 “43 Rides in 43 Cities in 43 Weeks”

Thanks to you we have helped to raise over $3.2 million dollars since April 2013!

For 2013 Iron Eagle chose to support as its national charity the Pediatric Brain Tumor Foundation® and its Ride for Kids. PBTF is a Charity Navigator rated 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that seeks to find the cause of and cure for childhood brain tumors by supporting medical research, increase public awareness about the severity and prevalence of childhood brain tumors, aid in the early detection and treatment of childhood brain tumors, support a national database on  all  primary  brain  tumors,  and provide educational and emotional  support  for children  and families affected by this life-threatening disease.  Over the  last three years,  research  funded by the PBTF  has  resulted  in  a  60%  increase in survival rates for many different forms of cancers in both children and adults.

It all began with friends helping friends.  When  a colleague’s  child was diagnosed with a brain tumor, couple Mike and Dianne Traynor wanted  to do  something to  help. In 1984 they raised $4,000 at the first Atlanta Ride for Kids and never looked back.  As the event’s popularity grew, it expanded to other cities. The Pediatric Brain  Tumor  Foundation  was  established  in 1991 to distribute grants and offer family support.  PBTF  eventually became the  world’s  largest non-governmental funder of childhood brain tumor research.

On September 29, 2013,  the Ride  came to  Las Vegas, along with its new  look and ambitious mission and raised more than $64,000 locally.  The  Las  Vegas  Ride  came  at a  time when the late Mike and Dianne Traynor were inducted into the AMA Hall of Fame as part of the Legends Weekend at the Green Valley Ranch Resort and Casino in Las Vegas on October 18, 2013.

The Ride Season has now come to a close,  celebrating  its  30th year  of raising  awareness  and funds, with more than $3.2 million dollars raised  since  April 2013!  Thanks to the  generous support of the motorcycling community,  progress is being  made in  the fight  against one  of the  deadliest  forms of childhood cancer that affects more than 28,000 children each year.

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2012 “25,000 Miles in 25 Days”

The 2012 Ride was sponsored by the Fraternal Order of Eagles as an individual endurance challenge to support the Diabetes Research Center. Founded in 1898, the Fraternal Order of Eagles (FOE) is an organization more than 850,000 members strong. The FOE came up with an idea of sponsoring a long distance “Iron Butt” ride for the Diabetes Research Center. With the Iron Eagle organization already in place, a whole new concept and unique event was created. The theme was “25,000 Mile in 25 Days.” Several riders accepted the challenge. By the 10,500 mile mark on Day 11, only one rider remained. Before that, the second place rider crashed 900 miles north of Vancouver, British Columbia. With the expert attention provided by the Iron Eagle Team, that rider was pulled from a 40 foot ravine with critical injuries. All of the participating riders recovered. The Ride ended on July 8, 2012 in Grand Rapids, Michigan with a “Finish the Ride” ceremony and announcement that the funding goal of $25 million dollars had been accomplished.

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